Greening (poem)

Dark clouds burst

from around the sun like

a shout like a flock

of dispersing magpies like


a trumpet-blast as though

the winged myths of the Euphrates

have cracked their chains

but fables are unreal and


unlike the grasses that cradle

your crown your skull your thoughts

that drift in the dandelion fluff

and name the scutch the fescue


the crab and rye the smooth or

toothy or pinnate or compound you

know the life-spans of like

a favorite rhyme they wind-speak


and confirm we ourselves are

poems stressed and metrical composed

in atomic languages in an endless

meadow of all things a field like


the one in which we once were

taught to consider lilies and mustard

seeds but the green weave beneath

you hums so healthy and diverse and


stronger than you or

churchyards or temples and it sings

hallelujah o holy sweet wind 

it grows  

it grows

it grows.   



This poem first appeared in the Spring 2017 issue of Branches. It is included in my upcoming book of poetry, Bright Soil, Dark Sun, which is available now for pre-order purchase through Finishing Line Press.


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