Three from Third Wednesday (poem)

As Things Are Pink and glistening umbilicus writhes blindly among the peony roots. Tiny, scarlet-feathered dinosaurs pull it wriggling from the soil. I grin and bare my pacu teeth and watch with my chimpanzee eyes.   Driving on an August Evening Cicada’s hacksaw jabber storming the air of Highway 46, tree-song  and dusk-wind and engine-hum, … Continue reading Three from Third Wednesday (poem)

Sisyphus at the Summit (poem)

The boulder crumbled eons ago— even the gods can’t defy erosion. This is the question that rolled like a dark ocean behind his eyes: what happens when the Almighty’s will is bested by mere physics? Mortals weren’t supposed to reach the top. Men weren’t supposed to escape their punishments. But all the Underworld’s nebulous gloom … Continue reading Sisyphus at the Summit (poem)

Don, Karl, Crete, Terre Haute

Terre Haute, nestled near Indiana's western border, is a magical wonderland. Of sorts. It has a well-documented, ongoing battle between an enormous population of crows and residents who shoot flare guns and fireworks at all hours of the night to scare them away. The birthplace of Max Ehrmann, the Coca-Cola Bottle, and Eugene Debs, its … Continue reading Don, Karl, Crete, Terre Haute