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Bloomington’s Artful Dodge

Contrary to popular (maybe?) belief, this is not a socio-political analysis and/or diatribe about the city of Bloomington and any of its municipal policies *COUGH*  moreafforablehousingdowntown *COUGH* whatsupwiththeparkingspotsohsorrywhatparkingspots *COUGH* I swear it isn't. Nor is it about the other Bloomington. And because I live in Bloomington, Indiana, the other Bloomington would of course be Bloomington-Normal, … Continue reading Bloomington’s Artful Dodge

Watermelon Surplus (poem)

Dead of summer, I’m aproned and sweating at my seasonal retail job, stacking cucumbers, stocking salads,   slicing potato sacks—golden, red, russet. We get a watermelon surplus—we truss it   all off the truck, extra pallets packed with cardboard bins bursting with fruit. We heave them through backrooms   to the selling floor, all those … Continue reading Watermelon Surplus (poem)

The Light at the End of the Universe (poem)

Not the bioluminescence  of fireflies pulsing around the maple   out back, nor evening sunfire flying through purple dusk, but    the weak electric glow on unmoving brown fur.    A young rabbit. Huddled in the paintbrush shadows   beneath my workbench. Dead. Stretched on its side,   unbloodied, unbroken, perfect save for its stillness. … Continue reading The Light at the End of the Universe (poem)