Two Fibonacci Poems

Water Loveendsin tears.Life beginsin the swelling rain.We can dry out our lives with fear.We can listen to the sweet thunder sing out our name. Wife's Warning Stare Shestarescatlike,slowly showsgrinning teeth. The catwaits, spouselike, with clawed paws curling. Thanks to The Fib Review for including these two Fibonacci poems in Issue 36.

Making Lists (Poem)

a: Absent the moonfire; swallow nightjar mists; slice black circles to blind the stars;                                                 1:                                                 twelve years past the recent double aught cloak the night in swaddling Nix;  deaden the spider-limb oak ruling the backyard, its                                                 i found railtracks and eleven dead crows eldritch pigsnout legs snuffling, truffling; firecrisp the jungle grass. … Continue reading Making Lists (Poem)

Interchangeably Worse (poem)

From a bit back. Thanks to Sybil Literary Journal for accepting this one. Interchangeably Worse The _________________* (choose from footnote)             will be worse than we thought. * government shutdown // wildfire inferno // mega measles // generational ass-kicking // sensationalistic ass-kissing // food deserts // uranium water // fecal air // fentanyl fuckery // … Continue reading Interchangeably Worse (poem)