Bright Soil, Dark Sun

In a world not so much post-modern but post-mythology, staring down the failure of Gods, this collection follows those ordinary people caught halfway between cynicism and hope wondering what happens now. Dexterous and touching, every moment of these poems is a delight or a heartbreak or both.

Amy Kinsman, author of & and editor of Riggwelter

How does before become after? What happens to our dreams? Our disappointments? How much of the past…can we truly understand? And what is the cost of that understanding? Samuel Franklin explores these corporeal labyrinths and lets each poem reveal its own distinct thread.

Matthew Woodman, editor of Rabid Oak

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The God of Happiness

Samuel T. Franklin’s poems glimmer like graffiti in streetlight, where the ragged and dispossessed rush and rule. Yet the author makes it easy to believe we are all ghosts “haunting light and shadow.” With guts like Leonard Cohen or Tom Waits, Franklin is filled with a charge to juke, jive, and spill poetry that is accessible, sure, but don’t be fooled; these poems are rendered by a trained ear and tongue.

Dave Malone, author of View from the North Ten